Mechanical Servicing


Welcome to Auckland's premier Bike Service Department.



We take bikes very seriously – as do a lot of our customers, so we understand that it is crucial we offer a professional level of service at a fair price.



Just like cars and motorbikes, all bicycles require maintenance to keep them road / off road worthy. Cables, brake pads and chains, sometimes even cassettes and chainrings are among a list of replaceable items, which can wear out over time from use and the elements. The suspension on MTB’s also needs regular servicing.


But don’t panic, we can help identify problems and help you understand what needs doing to your bike when you drop it into us for repair. We like to spend 5-10 minutes with everybody whether it cost you $200 or $20,000. We can then give you a better idea of the cost and requirements for the repair and how we will see you right.



Everyone at MEC rides bikes, both on-road and off-road, so we are well equipped to answer the many questions you may have about your bike.



Heading our Workshop is Senior Mechanic Lloyd O’Brien who has over 25 years experience in repairing bicycles.



All of our repairs go through a quality control step whereby Louis Crosby – seasoned professional cyclist checks over the repair, signing off the work performed.



All of our team are trained by both Lloyd and Louis and have passed all of the available qualification standards e.g. Shimano Service Course / Specialized Technical Courses.



So give us a call or book online or even better still, pop in and see us.


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